Ten outside goods built msr hubba for women

Finding Away

When's the last time you have been capable to slip away from the countless demands of each day existence to appreciate the serene beauty of nature? There's almost nothing like hearing the buzz of the crickets, the crackling of a fire and the mystical hoot of the owl as you lie in wait for the next shooting star. If you have young children, it can be a good time to definitely connect even though developing memories that will last a lifetime. Perhaps it can be time to share excellent time with your substantial other and bond in excess of s'mores. Even if it can be just you having away from it all, there are some points that can aid make your get-away a minor additional comfortable even though retaining that primitive vibe going.

Guys and gals are wonderfully unique. Guys can pack a shirt and a sleeping bag and head out the door. Us ladies have to have a handful of additional essentials to come to feel human, even even though we're sleeping on the msr hubba ground. Thank goodness companies like North Encounter, Columbia, Marmot and additional are creating gear particularly for women's desires. Examine out the hottest types from leading labels that are making their way to firesides throughout the world.

Sleeping Bag

There's almost nothing like falling asleep below the stars. But waking up freezing or way too sizzling in the middle of the night is not what we signed up for. There are three critical facets to assume about even though selecting the correct bag for you. It is critical to verify the climate prior to you begin your camping adventure. Bring a sleeping bag that will continue to keep you warm if the temperature substantially drops at night, or a bag that is breathable in the warm summer time months. Maintain these aspects in mind even though purchasing all around:

  • Temperature rating: Decide on a bag rated for the coldest temperature you count on to experience. The EN conventional (the lowest outdoors air temperature at which a conventional woman can rest comfortably in a sleeping bag) is now a highly reputable measurement and is utilised by quite a few sleeping bag manufacturers.
  • Fat vs. roominess: When backpacking, you want to continue to keep excess weight minimal without the need of jeopardizing comfort or security. For some, minimal excess weight overrides all other considerations (comfort, durability, convenience, rate). For other folks, excess weight is much less critical than possessing a roomy bag for a superior night's rest. Most bags try to strike a balance between these extremes.
  • Variety of insulation: Your key buying choice really should be click for info between the types of fill: down, synthetic and the new water-repellent down. Goose-down fills are really light, compressible, durable and breathable. When sometimes additional pricey, they offer good long-term value. Synthetic fills excel in damp, cold situations and are a minor bit less difficult on the wallet. They are somewhat heavier and much less compressible than down. Water-repellent down is goose down taken care of to resist moisture, which is the greatest of the two worlds.

I use a unique bag, based on the season adjust but quite a few of you will camp through the summer time months. Now that you have a handful of aspects to seem for even though identifying the correct bag, get a seem at two of my favorites:

  1. The North Encounter Cat's Meow Sleeping Bag for Women- This is a good bag for seasonal transition, as it is rated msr hubba highly for 3 season use. I use this from spring to early fall. This bag comes in two lengths and is good for taller gals. It really is light-weight (two lbs. 13 oz.) and has polyester fill which is good for rainy climate and can dry without the need of mildew.
  2. REI Habanera Sleeping Bag for Women- This is the sleeping bag I use through the winter months. Although a minor heavier (3 lbs. 9 oz.), the EN is degrees Fahrenheit and will aid protect against bitter windchill from seeping in. It really is specific design has added down insulation all around the hood and feet parts and has a relaxed fit that is best for side sleepers.

Sleeping Pad

Now that you have picked the best sleeping bag, it is now time to decide on a good sleeping pad. This amazing item will make a substantial effect on how nicely you rest on the ground. Sleeping pads present two very important added benefits:cushioning and insulation. Cushioning may well seem to be like a pad's most practical function, but it also insulates your body and prevents your body from possessing direct contact with sizzling or cold surfaces.

Sleeping pads insulate the body just like outfits do. They trap and hold a layer of non-circulating air between your body and the cold. Your body gradually warms this layer of dead air and it becomes an insulating barrier. The effectiveness of a pad depends upon how considerably air it holds within and how totally free that air is to circulate. Take a seem at a handful of leading rated sleeping pads that are on the industry:

  1. Therm-a-rest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad for Women- This sleeping pad has so considerably to offer. From it can be light excess weight (one lb. 5 oz.) to it can be added insulation in the torso and feet region, this pad is best for a women's body. ProLite Plus is engineered with progressive diagonal die-reduce foam to reduce heat loss.
  2. REI AirRail one.5 Self-Inflating Pad for Women- Whether you happen to be backpacking the substantial plains or substantial altitude, this self-inflating pad permits swift set up so you can appreciate additional outside time. This pad has a 75-denier polyester development with a hexagonal embossed surface, delivering durability and a nonslip surface even though avoiding put on.

Back Pack

If you are all about hiking in and out of camping parts, it is vital to have a pack that fits your body and can carry your needed gear comfortably. Which back pack is correct for you? It varies by individual, sometimes by a wide margin. The chart beneath will present a basic manual for which pack sizes normally get the job done nicely for backpackers through summertime hikes. Your effects may perhaps differ, naturally. Think about the types of trips you most usually pursue to gauge where you fit on this grid.

Your goal is to come across a backpack that fits your:

  • Trip length (are you going out for an overnighter or for a week or additional?)
  • Individual design of backpacking (are you additional into comfort or excess weight savings? Is your gear previous and bulky or excess weight- and space-effective?)
  • Entire body variety (your torso length, not your height, issues most).

REI is a good place to aid you come across the pack you have to have. They will even customize the pack in accordance to your body's measurements. The following packs have been good for my backpacking desires:

  1. The Deuter ACT Lite 45+10 SL Pack- This pack is my favored for two to three day hikes. I can carry all my essentials and it kinds good to my body shape. There are in excess of 5 pockets on the outdoors to aid organize my gear and can make it quick to accessibility my most utilised goods.
  2. Gregory Jade 28 Pack for Women- This day pack is good for overnight trips and day hikes. It comes in Tiny and Medium, and also is designed to fit a woman's unique shape. The CrossFlo DTS suspension provides cooling airflow across your back and successfully transfers load excess weight to your hips. There's also a panel manufactured for a hydration pack.


It is critical to have an outside jacket that provides protection from ALL of the components.When selecting the correct, these are critical aspects to take into consideration:

  • Down or synthetic insulation.
  • In which you program to use it.
  • Climate situations.
  • Fit and attributes.

There are numerous 3-in-one types that let versatility and present coverage by all seasons. Right here are two good picks:

  1. The North Encounter Kira Triclimate 3-in-one Insulated Jacket for Women- Combining feminine design with a waterproof, breathable and insulated design, this jacket provides versatility for a number of season put on. There are three unique ways to put on the system: put on shell jacket and zip-in liner jacket collectively for highest protection or put on either piece on its own as climate warrants. My favored detail is the zippered hand warmer pockets and an internal media pocket for convenience when wearing liner on its own.
  2. Arc'teryx Beta SL Jacket for Women- With user-pleasant attributes like huge hand warmer pockets, a trim-fitting hood and dropped rear hem, the women's Beta SL is good to have along when the climate turns nasty. The light and compact fabric combines durable wind and water resistance and all seams are sealed for full protection from the components.

Underwear (Base Layer)

Want a comfort enhance on your next outside adventure? Ditch individuals cotton undies and that souvenir concert T-shirt and upgrade to a moisture-wicking base layer. As the next-to-skin layer of your layering system, its purpose is to move sweat away from your body. The moment you invest in these basics, you will be glad you did. In really windy or really cold situations, these rewards are probably existence-saving. Moisture-wicking underwear have amazing rewards:

  • Helps transports perspiration away from skin.
  • Dries considerably faster than traditional cotton underwear.
  • Decreases the danger of dramatic swings in body temperature
  1. Icebreaker Oasis Long Underwear Leggings for Women- Thanks to the amazing warmth of light-weight merino wool, these long underwear offer vital comfort on great days.

  2. Patagonia Energetic Boy Shorts for Women- These panties have a swift-drying, light-weight fabric that provides quick care, substantial recycled content and superior moisture transfer. The waistband lies flat and won't roll or bind, avoiding irritation and the seamless development reduces chafing. No irritation, no sweat!

Ultimate Thought

There are so quite a few amazing items on the industry for outside enthusiasts. Hopefully this has inspired you to get out and discover! Now that you have a handful of goods to make your next outside excursion a minor additional comfortable, make time to phase outdoors and walk by nature each time you can. Give on your own the chance to let your mind wander along with your body. The Earth is a beautiful gift waiting to be opened and shared.

Msr hubba sleep improved with a hops pillow

How To Make A Hops Pillow

I found this fantastic natural sleep support years ago and want to share it with you. It truly is so uncomplicated to make and will last years. It is all natural, and the best part is msr hubba no side effects. So, the upcoming time you discover oneself going by means of a sleepless phase, try this swift and uncomplicated treatment. If you have any concerns.

Make a Hops Pillow

Components necessary:
Little Muslin bag or pouch
two components dried hops
1 part dried chamomile
1 part dried lavender

msr hubba tent />Using a muslin bag permits the herbs to breathe by means of the fabric-- positive you are not utilizing a synthetic fabric for your pouch. Gently scoop up the herbs with a msr hubba compact wooden spoon and spot in your pouch. Tie the pouch tightly to contain the herbs securley.
And then spot beneath your standard pillow at evening. Sweet dreams and jelly beans (organic ones of course).

Hops (Humulus lupulus) (Cannabaceae [marijuana] family members, has profound sedative effects - even sniffing the herb aids you doze off. Located in the wild the female flowers are most usually utilized in brewing beer. Hops have been utilized by herbalists for thousands of years to encourage sleep. The aging system of hops (up to two years) is what permits the chemical compounds,
humulone and lupulone to generate a substance that is chemically very similar to chlordiazepoxide (Librium) and diazepam (Valium).

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) this is an previous-time sleep treatment also utilized for centuries for relaxation and to calm the nerves. Most usually utilized as a tea in the evening to promote a restful sleep.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) there have been accounts of British hospitals utilizing lavender necessary oil to assistance sufferers
sleep. Aromatherapists like to use the oil for stress, muscle ache, skin conditions and as a sleep support.

Warning: Even so, it is vital to note that Spanish Lavender can have an opposite effect and really should not be utilized for relaxation. Mainly because hops contain plant estrogens, prenylnaringenin, pregnant females, and young children really should avoid injesting hops and look for
healthcare guidance ahead of utilizing a hops pillow as effectively.

Recommendations: When not utilizing your hops pillow, hold it stored in a jar and spot in a dark dry cupboard.

How to have holiday enjoyable msr hubba on a price range

How to have an affordable and fulfilling holiday

Getting a memorable holiday doesn't have to expense a lot of income. If you're ready to make some concessions along the way, these price range pleasant holiday recommendations will preserve you happy.

Know Your Vacation Spending budget

The 1st stage in a effective holiday is not exactly where to go, but how significantly income will you allot on your own to invest. Know who is going to be vacationing-you, you and your husband or wife, or the total loved msr hubba ones. Multiply your price range for 1 by the amount in your party. It is superior to allocate just about every youngster twelve many years old and older as 'adult'. Those below age twelve can be counted at half the cost...but, far superior you over determine for the unplanned surprises, than below guess your costs.

Make your mind up on a location. For vacations that exceeds your holiday allowance, forego the quick holiday and consider 1 later in the year immediately after conserving. Remember, the enjoyable is often in the journey, not the location.

Ascertain Your Vacation Destination

Know what you want to do. Some men and women don't care exactly where they go-they just want to stop by someplace new. Other families don't want any fuss they just want to get to a area that meets their criteria for relaxed loved ones enjoyable, with loads of routines for the youngsters.

Hobbies or routines of curiosity, like skiing or wine tasting, may well be a third element to take into account. Or, possibly there is a particular exhibit or occasion that you wish to attend and you'll be travelling to that spot to participate in it, this kind of as a particular artwork exhibit in yet another city or state.

Travel and Transportation Bargains

When you have made a decision on your holiday programs, check out your alternatives for the best deals. If it demands air fare know which dates and times are the cheapest, this kind of as early morning or the 'red eye' flight. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often more affordable because most business enterprise men and women will need to fly out on Monday. Likewise, know which airlines will charge hidden or more expenditures, this kind of as baggage fees and, all items becoming equal, go with the airlines who give individuals freebies.

When planning a journey, do your own investigation on-line and by way of trustworthy suggestions. Triple A Road Service provides free of charge journey planning solutions for the expense of an yearly street support membership. Having said that, don't join for the comfort of 1 support. Numerous of the travel agent solutions are readily available at your finger recommendations by means of on-line searches. All it expenditures is time and perseverance maneuvering the sites.

When considering whether or not to fly, drive, or use other transportation, this kind of as a travel bus or train, weigh almost everything out cautiously: the amount of time you have the expense of gas for your journey, should you drive, vs. the will need for a rental car or truck, should you fly.

Acquiring Inexpensive Motels

When you're vacationing away from residence you will will need to approach a area to rest your head at night. The cheapest accommodations could be a borrowed cottage or a swapped residence in yet another spot. There are endless prospects depending on your price range and how significantly you intend to invest on exactly where you rest vs. what you do. Right here are a few other rest accommodations: a tent and sleeping bag a log cabin or teepee in a state park a hostel a Super 6 or 8 motel space a reasonably priced space in a hotel chain or a bed and breakfast inn. Bargain hunters who turn into savvy to off season dates win in two approaches: discount rates and crowds.

How to conserve income while dining out

Budgeting for meals may well consider some system in the overall planning of your holiday. If you will invest time at a motel/hotel chain, lease a suite with a kitchenette, or at least a space with a microwave and fridge.

Save income consuming out by planning to catch a continental breakfast at your hotel then eat your biggest meal midday when the prices are more affordable followed by a less complicated, lighter supper. Investigate community 'early bird specials'. Utilize discount rates suitable for age groups: senior specials or children's menu prices.

Bargains for holiday routines

Prior to starting up out on your venture, acquire discount rates for theme parks by way of your area of employment or a community travel agent. Know what items you can carry with you, this kind of as your own ski gear for a ski journey, which will conserve you the expense of rental tools. Educate on your own about expense conserving particular days and times that a particular area of entertainment may well have, this kind of as midday half off specials. A nicely planned holiday can include enjoyable and financial savings.

What to pack/deliver on getaway msr hubba - packing checklist

By Natasha Hoover

What to Pack/Carry on Holiday

Whether I'm heading to the videos or leaving for a month-extended trip, I detest leaving anything useful behind. Sometimes I come to feel like I'm going overboard, but, more normally than not, I'm truly glad I brought along the sunscreen, added water, fancy dress, or what ever else I made a decision to cram in my bag at the last minute. As a great deal as I love becoming ready, I also comprehend that there are limits on how a great deal a individual can bring on trip and items that are just downright unreasonable for a precise time of year or location. Find recommendations on what to pack for your subsequent trip that will assist you be ready without going overboard.

How to Prepare for Packing

Just before you even begin to feel about packing, there are a couple of items you will need to look at:

  • How extended will you be away from property?
  • Where are you going?
  • Are you traveling alone? With a sizeable other? With little ones?
  • What do you strategy to do? Loosen up at the spa? Hike? Swim?
  • Will msr hubba you have access to laundry services/are you willing to do laundry although away?
  • What are your accommodations like? Are you staying with friends/loved ones? At a full service hotel? At a hostel? In a tent?
  • Do you get a no cost checked bag (if you're flying)? How a great deal luggage are you willing to bring? Have you considered flying with just a carry on bag?

These really should be easy to solution concerns, but they are essential and can assist you make a decision what to bring.

What to Pack for a Hostel Remain/Backpacking

A great deal of people today are nervous about staying in hostels simply because they've watched a couple of also lots of horror videos, but lots of genuine lifestyle hostels are friendly, clean areas to remain. Contrary to preferred belief, most hostels are not 'youth hostels' with some arbitrary age restrict. Some hostels do not let locals and call for you to existing a legitimate foreign passport when you check in, but lots of hostels welcome foreigners and locals, alike. Moreover, not all hostels are just significant dormitory rooms full of strangers. If you're willing to pay a very little more, lots of hostels have semi-private and/or private rooms readily available. These rooms expense appreciably much less than staying in a standard full service hotel, but nevertheless offer the privacy and safety of a personal space. Even if you pay for a private space, there are a couple of added items you will need to bring if you're preparing to remain in a hostel.

  • Pack a towel. There could be a hostel out there someplace that provides towels, but I've never ever stayed in one particular. When backpacking/staying in a hostel, I love bringing my astounding Packtowel. It is light-weight, super absorbent, dries swiftly, has an anti-microbial agent that keeps it from increasing funky even after quite a few weeks of use, and requires much less area to pack than a t-shirt. I comprehend it possibly sounds also superior to be true, but the Packtowel is wonderful!
  • Check the hostel's policy to see if you will need your own linens/blankets. Some hostels deliver sheets and a blanket, some do not. If you're staying at one particular or two hostels and currently have a space booked, you can check their policies. If you're preparing to backpack all around and see what you can see, go ahead and pack a sleeping bag just in case!
  • Contemplate bringing a lock. Some hostels have no cost or paid safe storage, some do not. If you remain in a dormitory space, you'll possibly have access to a lockable drawer, so bring a lock if you want to preserve your possessions protected. I've never ever personally lost anything to theft in a hostel, but it does transpire.

What to Pack for a Beach or Summer Holiday

Beach vacations appear to be the most preferred, iconic way to spend some no cost time. Sun, sand, surf - what could be better? Beach/summer time trip are enjoyable, but you can ruin the total trip by forgetting one particular of these essential objects:

  • Sunscreen! Plenty and plenty of it. Confident, you can invest in it although you're on trip, but tourist-location and hotel prices are often increased. Save oneself time, revenue, and frustration by bringing loads of sunscreen along. If you're made use of to hot weather and sun, you could be tempted to skip the sunscreen when you pay a visit to a tropical location. The tropics tend to be cooler in the summer time than sub-tropical and inland places, but the more direct sunshine can trigger vicious burns. A severe sunburn on trip can ruin your total trip!
  • Sunglasses. Sunglasses are not just a vogue accessory - they are an essential piece of wellness products. Numerous skin cancers kind on and all around the eyelids, but it is easy to guard this thin, sensitive skin with UV-blocking shades. Polarized lenses cut down on glare, generating them ideal for comforting at the seashore, boating, and other water sports. Will not know if your lenses are polarized? Obtain out how to check your lenses for polarization.

  • Numerous bathing suits. You'd be shocked how lots of people today strategy a seashore trip and overlook to pack a swim suit! I've carried out it on more than one particular occasion. Ideally, you really should bring two or three, if feasible, so you will not have to wear yesterday's cold, clammy suit or a little something that smells musty and mildewy.
  • Light, easy to wear clothes. You could love your jeans, but you could not want them at the seashore with you. Opt for airy clothes produced from light-weight, organic materials and light colours. Linen pants are a excellent alternative for men, and linen or cotton dresses, tunics, and blouses are excellent for gals. Dark colours like black, deep blue, and burgundy entice heat and can warm you up, but whites, light grays, neutrals, and pastel colours assist preserve you awesome. Try out to avoid overly-tight clothes, clingy materials, and synthetic products that can just make you sweat.
  • Work out gear. Think it or not, a great deal of people today like to physical exercise on trip. Most hotels have a fitness space, but operating or walking in a new, gorgeous location can be a great deal of enjoyable, also. People today work challenging to get 'bikini ready' and will not want to loose their months of energy to a couple of trip cocktails. If you're the form that likes staying fit on the go, will not overlook to pack proper sneakers, shorts/pants, and tops!

  • A water bottle. Whether you strategy to chill at the seashore or consider a scenic hike, a reusable water bottle is an essential piece of trip products. Windy beaches dehydrate you swiftly, even if you will not come to feel sweaty, and hiking without sufficient water is downright unsafe. If you're preparing to stroll or hike, look at an easy to carry water option, like a sling for your water bottle or even a hydration pack.
  • A waterproof camera or telephone case. You can often pick a disposable waterproof camera, but digital waterproof cameras are very affordable and consider surprisingly superior pictures. Alternatively, you can use a waterproof telephone case, like a LifeProof case, and consider your telephone to the seashore. For a little something even more very affordable, pick a easy waterproof pouch for your smart telephone. They are not a substitute telephone case for daily use, but waterproof pouches generally expense about $15 and let you to safely bring your telephone to the seashore.

What to Pack for a Winter/Cold Climate, Mountain, or Ski Holiday

If you're going on a ski trip, you possibly currently know you will need to pack some cold weather clothes, but do you comprehend you could possibly will need cold gear if you're going to warm location? Even if you will not strategy on taking a 'cold weather' trip, the community weather could possibly be unseasonably awesome, or just cold to you. Since of this, I extremely advocate checking the community weather starting up about a week out. Determine for oneself no matter if their summer time is essentially your winter! I am from South Carolina and I've been bundled up on a Canadian trip although the locals exactly where at the seashore, so pack what you will need, irrespective of what the locals are accustomed to.

If you're heading to a topical trip location, you could possibly nevertheless want to bring a jacket (possibly a heavy one particular!). Temperature decreases drastically with elevation. If you're preparing any hikes out of the South American jungle, to European peaks, or even to Volcano National Park in Hawaii, you really should bring a jacket or windbreaker.

No matter how cold your just cold to you your location is, there are a couple of items you will need to bring:

  • Sunscreen! A great deal of people today get sunburned skiing and snow boarding simply because they will not guard their faces. UV rays will not care how cold it is, they will burn you. Snow displays light back into your encounter, generating the prospective for damage even worse.
  • Sunglasses. Yep, these are essential in cold weather, also. Polarized lenses are specifically essential for winter sports simply because they cut down on glare.
  • Layers. You will need to bundle up on the slope, but you also will need proper clothes for comforting in the lodge, also. Packing/sporting layers of clothes permits you to take away or add an added item to accommodate altering temperatures.
  • Hats. Hats are the not so secret (but normally forgotten way) to remain warm. A warm hat and a way to guard your ears from cold temperatures and biting winds will make your winter trip pleasurable, but forgetting these objects will make you miserable.

  • Waterproof gear or waterproofing supplies. Snow is perception, and snow melting on your gear can make you cold, soggy, and miserable. Make certain your go-to boots are waterproof and, if they're not, apply a waterproof coating just before you pack.
  • Emergency supplies. If you strategy to cross nation ski or hike up a snowy mountain, come ready with primary supplies like granola bars, a flashlight, water, and an emergency blanket.
  • Sports gear? Maybe not...If you're flying, it could possibly not essentially be well worth it to bring all your own gear. Airlines charge a great deal for checked objects, and oversized/differently-shaped objects often expense even more. Include up the checked baggage charges each way and feel about how it could get damaged in the approach just before you assume you will need to pack all your own gear.

What to Pack

If you will need more concepts on what to pack, check out these excellent sources for some more inspiration!

Holiday Preparation and Packing

Planning your trip really should not only incorporate reserving travel and accommodations, but really should also involve cautiously preparing what to bring and taking care of daily lifestyle obligations ahead of time. With a bit pre-preparing and energy, you can make certain trip is as pleasurable and worry-no cost as you'd imagined!

Rectangular sleeping bags msr hubba you grew up with

I grew up with these

Many of us try to remember going camping when we had been younger and back then, I will not mention a year in concern of dating myself, the only selection we had for sleeping underneath the stars was a msr hubba rectangular shaped sleeping bag. Many new types have been invented to continue to keep you warmer, make them lighter or to make it less difficult to pack and keep. There is just anything about the standard style I like and I'm sure you may well agree.

1 of the major good reasons I like these type of sleeping bags is for the reason that of the space you have to move all around. Some of the mummy style bags will continue to keep you warmer in -25 degree weather but never program on moving considerably, not that you would want to in that sort of weather. I guess the mummy sleeping bags are meant to be a miniature tent, this way you never have to carry a tent on your following hiking journey. Some people like the feeling of blankets tucked tight into them and for these sorts of people a mummy bag would be excellent.

Yet another motive I favor the rectangular sleeping bags is they come in a two man or woman style. This is excellent for couples who want to snuggle underneath the stars whilst on their camping journey. It truly is very romantic and it will make for some excellent recollections for years to come. If its cold outdoors it tends to make it increases the effectiveness of the bag for the reason that echothers body heat will continue to keep you warmer.

On a summer time evening you can unzip the rectangular version all the way and use it as a pad to rest on which is anything you cannot do with a mummy bag. Try out zipping two rectangular bags together and now you have a queen sized sleeping bag. This is specially fantastic for people of us who need much more area to sprawl out.

Mummy sleeping bags are very restricted and with all the new technologies nowadays the rectangular sleeping bags give you much more selections with dimension, excess weight and temperature tolerances down to beneath zero temps. following time you're in the marketplace to order a sleeping bag imagine about what you are going to genuinely be using it for and not for the reason that it can be the in point or just seems amazing.

To see some of the standard style bags available view here.


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